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Project rates:

Rates for assignments that consist of multiple locations/sites or require repeat visits (min. 1hr.) to the same location/site to complete the assignment may be discounted.

Please contact me directly to discuss the project and I’ll be happy to provide a quote based on your specific requirements.

A detailed brief will be required before any work is undertaken to ensure that all the images that are taken, are the images you require to fulfil your project´s needs.

 All commercial photography prices are for guidance only (E&OE)

Hourly / Day Rates Standard Image Use Extended Image Use Premium Image Use High Res Edited Images*
1st hr & set-up fee ₤150.00 ₤150.00 ₤150.00 3 edited images
Additional Time/Hr or Part ₤70.00 ₤85.00 ₤195.00 5 edited images
Half Day Rate ( up to 4 hrs ) ₤300.00 ₤350.00 ₤900.00 15 edited images
Full Day Rate ( 5-8 hrs ) ₤600.00 ₤700.00 ₤1540 35 edited images

* The asterisks show the roughly estimated number of high-res final images that can be achieved from this allotted time.

A full set of proof images will be sent to you within 2 working days so that you can choose which images you would like to have processed.

Your final edited images will be sent to you electronically via zip file.

You will receive the high resolution, edited and colour corrected images suitable for web and/or print use.

Additional images from the proof gallery set can be ordered for processing at a cost of ₤12 per image.

Enhanced Photoshop work (for example removal of obstructions, signage etc) is available at ₤49 per hour.

Product Photography can be broken down according to the number of products there are.

Here is a guide to how that might look:

Number of Products Basic / Small Items Medium / Standard Items Larger / Complex Items 1st hr & set-up fee
1 – 5 £12 each £24 each £70 each ₤150.00
6 – 25 £10 each £13 each £55 each ₤150.00
26 – 50 £8 each £11 each £45 each ₤150.00
51 – 100 £7 each £9 each ₤35 each ₤150.00
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