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Business Portrait Photography

& Environmental Portraiture

Capturing you within the context of your day to day environment.

Creating an environmental portrait involves photographing a person at a location that represents their natural surroundings, and helps to draw out elements of their personality, life-story and character.


The experience of creating an environmental portrait is altogether more interesting for myself as a photographer, getting to know you better, in an environment you are familiar with.

You are bound to be more relaxed in familiar surroundings.


Professionals can benifit from high quality portraiture to promote and market themselves, their company and their brand.

These portrait images are used widely across digital and print media in blogs and press articles.

Headshot Portrait Photography ( Oxford )
40-IBC 5 Mins With QWMarch2017.indd

You should at least have a great portrait

on your "ABOUT ME" page, right?

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Start presenting yourself in good light!

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