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Wingwalking at 82

Please feel free to contact me regarding press coverage requirements.

I often make time in my schedule to go and cover brief events for public or corporate "in-house" press requests.

Fees usually start at ₤150 for a typical request, but can vary depending on your individual needs.

Just Call: 0800 246 1398


If you´ve been photographed by me for Local Press then you might be able to find yourself in the Press Galleries below

The images are for you to share with your friends or download for your personal use but may not be used for any publications or other press unless you have asked for my permission. 

If you want to download an unwatermarked, high quality copy of your photo then please feel free to contact me.




  • Museum App
  • GCSEs
  • Roller Derby girls
  • Blackbird Leys church
  • Maisie Norton
  • Richard York  www.taleteller.co.uk
  • greyfriars catch up
  • Trapeze Artist White Horse Show
  • White Horse Show
  • Roman Spoon People
  • Back to school
  • Maisie Maud art exhibit
  • Woodstock Fair
  • Social Inclusion Cup
  • Magdalen Flea Market
  • respite carers Sue Smith and David Smith
  • West Oxon Politics in Action Day
  • Pic by Ryan Cowan  of storekeeper Zoe Newman
  • Pic by Ryan Cowan  of  storekeeper 
Kenneth Rochester
  • Pic by Ryan Cowan  of storekeeper Shlomi dadush
  • Limited Edition Magazine - Exotic Interiors
  • Xmas Lights Festival in Oxford
  • Pic by Ryan Cowan at SpecialEffect, of L-R Frankie Palmer
Occupational therapist
 and Mark Saville 
 Eye Sculpture technology
  • Oxford Half Marathon
  • SS20 Anniversary
  • SS20 Anniversary
  • Readathon

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Wingwalk at 82


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