About Ryan - Ryan Cowan - Photographer

About Ryan

I am Ryan Cowan, a professional commercial photographer in the stunningly beautiful city Oxford, England.

After emigrating from South Africa, a place I hold fondly in my heart still, I was able to explore and experience the arts where I had not had such opportunities before. I painted, sculpted, drew and photographed to my heart's content and even landed a job photographing for a sports magazine.

I now have the privilege of living in another beautiful place, the small historical town of Woodstock which is the entrance-way to Blenheim Palace.

I think it is safe to say that I am a people person.

Besides being obsessed with the technical side of photography, I really love meeting people which in turn makes it easy to warm up to strangers and make them feel comfortable working with me.

Whether I´m photographing a corporate event, a private family celebration, a headshot or business portrait, I always make a strong connection with people.  

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