Should I hire a makeup artist for my headshots or portrait session?

Whether you are creating an acting headshot portfolio or a corporate headshot, the purpose is to market yourself.

Actors will be putting headshots directly in front of people who are making swift decisions to hire them based heavily on a look and whether we like it or not, even corporate employers will subliminally judge your book by how much you care about the cover.

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Should you hire a professional makeup artist for your headshot session?

Now some people ( like most men ) don´t usually wear make-up, but If you do usually wear makeup ( like most women do ), then the advice put simply is, "yes you should."

I have heard several people complain about their own make-up application before, during or after a photoshoot saying, "next time, I really need to get someone else to do this for me" or " next time I need to make sure I spend more time doing my make-up" or "I´m so sorry but I´ve been stressing about my make-up and its just not finished yet, can you give me another 30 minutes to fix it, please?"

The major benefit of having a makeup artist for your session is that they have years of makeup experience.

The makeup artists I work with have years of experience and they work on all kinds of complexions, skin tones, and face shapes,  and thus know which products and techniques are going to make you look your best on camera.

They use professional products that work better on camera than most common "over the counter" products do.

Professional makeup makes all the difference. A professional makeup artist will have a kit full of product. They stay with us the entire shoot.

The makeup artist can see what is going on in real-time and make adjustments to your makeup as needed.

Most people come in a little stressed and nervous about their headshots and by allowing a professional to take care of your makeup you will have one less thing to stress about. Then you can focus on giving me good expressions.

The make-up artist I work with is an independent freelancer like myself with their own schedule and clientele.

We should be able to arrange and discuss all aspects of your photoshoot in advance but please be aware that their availability may be slim during wedding season weekends.

You are of course more than welcome to hire someone you already know and trust.

Please note that the make-up artist will need to work with you before you join me so that your session is not be shortened as a result.

Makeup is usually applied very naturally to suit the lighting we will use. This gives you a clean, timeless look.

Of course, you can always let the makeup artist know ahead of time if there is a specific style you prefer. If you opt for an extra hour of shooting there will be an additional ₤50 if you want the makeup artist to stay for that time.

If you choose to apply your own makeup, please be aware that a generous application of makeup may negatively affect skin tones and texture.

It is important that you apply makeup lightly and naturally. I will retouch spots and blemishes from the final image, so you don't need to try too hard to cover them with layers makeup.

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