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What do we mean by "brand"?

Think of a company you know and trust. You can probably describe their company image and ethos.

Amazon’s founder is often quoted as saying that branding is “what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” What are the lasting feelings that people around you feel when you’re no longer in their presence?

From the first contact with your audience to the lasting feelings someone retains in their mind about you and your business, the term "brand" refers to the overall impression that your business leaves with someone. 

Every element of your business service and image contributes to your brand identity. 

If you can ensure that all the messages you put out there are consistently in line with your brand values and mission, you will appeal to your ideal client and they will grow to like and trust your brand. 

What is Brand Photography?

Brand photography is probably the largest visual element, along with your brand colours, logo and graphic design layout.

These are professional images that properly represent your brand visually and fit in with your brand identity.

These may include photographs of you, your team, your products or service, your processes, your environments, your personal life and details that uniquely tell the story of your brand.

These photographs are designed for business owners to grow their brand awareness, stand out from the competition, attract clients, and ultimately make more sales.

Using professional photographs to market and advertise your brand and business, positions you as an expert in your field. It gives a professional and polished look and feel to your business, reassures potential clients and gives them a much more authentic brand experience.

As a commercial portrait photographer, I am often creating headshots and corporate portraits for businesses, but a Brand Photography Session goes much further than this.

In a Brand Photography session, whether it’s a personal brand session or a business brand session, I am helping to tell the story of who that brand is, what the brand´s values are and what the brand is all about.

We want images that appeal to our brand's ideal clients. The images should encourage our ideal clients to come to know, like and trust our brand so that they go on to become our regular clients.

It is much more about storytelling.

We want to tell the story, showing not only the business’s services/products & personalities, but also the feelings that we want the brand to evoke.

Each session for each client is completely customised to reflect a number of themes that the client has chosen which will then be used to create a bank of images that the client will use to showcase his or her brand, their values, their mission, and what they want to achieve for their clients, what they offer their clients.

The aim goal is a bank of varied, appealing, completely on-brand images, with a consistent look, feel and tone, that the business owner can pull from to use in all their online and offline requirements. 


What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is a fairly new term that we use to describe branding for those people who are the face of their company.

They are their business. They are the brand.

Influencers, business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches & trainers are among those that have realised the importance of professional and consistent looking visuals to promote themselves in the same way that a larger company might.

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I hope this has helped you to get a better understanding of what Brand Photography is and how it can help you to improve brand awareness and help your potential clients to know, like and trust you.

If you have any questions about Brand Photography, I would be delighted to hear from you via email.

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