What’s a portrait? 

A portrait is a picture of someone. It can include the entire person or even just a part. You could, for instance, photograph your eye or your foot and it would still be considered a portrait.

A portrait can be formal or informal, literal or even abstract, but however it is created, it is likely to tell you more about the person in the image. 

The environment that the person is in; the mood of the image assisted by lighting and colours; the posture, pose, expression, clothing attire and props/objects all contribute toward the portrait and story being told.

What’s a headshot?

A headshot is within the portrait family but specifically includes just head and shoulders with the sole purpose of capturing facial characteristics and expression.

There are no other parts of the body included in a headshot and it is advisable that everything else in the image, including clothing and jewellery, be subtle and in no way distracting from the face itself. 

Of course, hair is included as it plays a huge part in shaping our faces and can even tell a little bit about our personalities.


Garret Coyle


Photo by Ryan Cowan
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