Aerial Drone Photographer Pilot in Oxfordshire - Ryan Cowan - Photographer


CAA approved UAV/drone pilot.

Aerial photography & videography for events, documentaries, real estate, roof and site surveys in Oxfordshire.

Aircraft equipped with 4K video capability and 20mp stills photography camera.

Applications for Drone Video/Stills Photography

Documentary Footage/Images
Landscape Gardens
Golf Courses
Property Showcases
Event Footage
 Fly-Round Garden Tours
Construction Sites
Stockpile Surveys
Roof Inspections & Surveys
Gutter & Fascia Fly-Round
Wind Turbine & Solar Farm Inspections

Qualified & Safe.

The use of unmanned aircraft (known simply to most as drones) is fast becoming commonplace.

Unfortunately, many are unaware of the care required for safety and the laws that must be adhered to when commissioning a pilot. 

Any drone pilot receiving payment for aerial work is legally required to have CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) permission and valid commercial insurance. 

Hiring a pilot without these can land you and the pilot in serious trouble with the authorities. 

By ensuring that your drone pilot has these taken care of, you can rest assured that you are employing the services of an approved drone pilot who operates in accordance with UK/ ROI drone laws and thus avoid damaging your safety records and someone else’s property.

Besides having a pilot with a high regard for safety and aircraft protocols, having a pilot that understands light, photographic composition and the aircraft's operation for smooth camera movement when creating video is an obvious must if you care about having good quality results at the end. 

Aerial Photography to showcase constructions & properties

Equine Stables Construction

Night-ops certified, insured by FLOCK with permission (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority and registered on Dronesafe Register.

I also hold an Advanced DBS certificate and a license from the Security Industry Authority. 

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