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Active Fitness Photoshoot

Photo by Ryan Cowan

Price Guide

Package ONE
* 2 hour shoot
* Unlimited outfit changes ( Time Permitting )
* Includes 5 fully retouched high-resolution image files selected from the shoot.
* Unlimited use on social media, print media, etc.
* Additional images - £25 each, fully retouched
Total = £200

Package TWO 
* 3 hour shoot
* Unlimited outfit change ( Time Permitting )
* Includes 10 fully retouched high-resolution image files selected from the shoot.
* Unlimited use on social media, print media, etc.
* Additional images - £25 each, fully retouched
* Share the shoot with a friend and receive 5 images each
Total = £300

Please Note:
* The Images provided are for your personal use and cannot be used for marketing or promotion until you have the photographers permission. 

Commercial Photography rates may apply if you wish to use the images to promote your brand.

Please feel free to discuss this option with Ryan.
* A completed booking form and deposit is required to book your shoot - please email for more information -

 Ryan is in possession of a fully Enhanced DBS check certificate (formerly CRB).


& considerations to help you prepare for your fitness photoshoot


If you intend to use your images for marketing purposes, be careful about wearing clothing that displays prominent logos in case they cannot be removed in retouching. 

There may be conflict in cases where clothing brands see it as using their brand in order to strengthen your own. 

Have a good selection of clothing with you so that there are multiple options with regard to style, colour, etc.

Changing your outfit and styling during the shoot gives the impression that you have had more than one photoshoot.

I would encourage you to try as many looks as time allows, but be prepared so you don´t waste your precious time in front of the mirror.

Skin marks:

On your way to the shoot, be wary that elastic in clothing like socks and bras can leave marks on the skin that may take 30 minutes to disappear. 

Keep yourself well hydrated for several days, to keep your skin healthy. If you are serious and wish to avoid water retention, you can still keep your hydration up until the last 24 hrs.

Make sure you have plenty of sleep to help reduce red-eyes and bags.

Water retention:

Fitness models usually refrain from drinking too much water for 24hrs before a photoshoot or competition to minimise water retention which may slightly reduce the visibility of muscle tone.

This decision is yours to make depending on how serious you are.

Please be careful not dehydrate yourself unless you know what you are doing.

Using Props:

Using props like kettlebells, dumbbells, skipping rope, a towel, drinking bottle, etc is a good way to add some context to your images. 

As with clothing, be of careful any items that have large branding but feel free to show me and I may be able to use Photoshop to remove the branding afterwards.

If in doubt, bring it with you and we can decide together.

Body tan:

Fitness models will usually get a spray tan a few days before a photoshoot to help look/feel healthier and potentially improve the appearance of muscle tone.

It is easy to overdo this though and I´d advise you get it done professionally or not at all. 

If you do decide to go down that route, be sure it is waterproof and doesn’t run off when you sweat.

Body oil:

If you are really well toned, baby oil can be applied to the body to give it a sweaty shine which sometimes helps enhance muscle tone appearance.

If that's the style you are after, bring it with, start without the application of oil and then apply it little by little, later on in the shoot as this can also be easily overdone.


Make sure body hair is removed prior to the shoot as it can be tricky to retouch hairs out of the image. Arm-pits, bikini line, nasal, ear, arms, back… you get the picture. 😄

The shoot fee does not include a hair & makeup artist but if you would like someone to keep an eye on that for you, feel free to book one or ask for recommendations.

We do have some contacts in this area.

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