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Corporate Headshots & Business Portraits

When capturing corporate headshots, business portraits and profile photos my aim is to accomplish natural, genuine expressions that make you look far more comfortable in front of the camera than you might feel.

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Your natural expressions and attributes will shine through in each shot.

Don´t worry about your “skill set” in front of a camera, or how little you like to be photographed.

I will give you tips for looking your best in front of the camera.

With a little direction, you will find the most natural, confident & approachable-looking expressions.

Get Started by booking a chat with me.


  • LinkedIn
  • ₤160
  • Headshot Session
  • Expression Coaching
  • Natural Posing Direction
  • Clothing Advice
  • includes 2 retouched images
  • Additional Images £50 each
  • more...
  • Business Profile
  • ₤300
  • Headshot & Portrait Combo
  • Expression Coaching
  • Natural Posing Direction
  • Clothing Advice
  • includes 5 retouched images
  • Additional Images £50 each
  • more...

Team Sessions

 I regularly provide a group service for business teams, travelling to your workplace and setting up a mobile studio in a meeting or conference room.

Many businesses have me travelling annually to their various UK branches where I photograph their teams. With my mobile lighting set up, I can deliver a perfectly consistent result for each team member at every location.

Headshots versus Portraits

It should be no surprise that your Personal Branding Photo Portfolio would be incomplete without a set of corporate headshots.

Your headshot comes in most useful on platforms like Linkedin, where the size of your profile photo is so small, you really need to utilise it well by filling the entire space with a well-lit close-up of your face. Any other sort of image from your portfolio doesn´t quite fit. 

What´s the difference between a headshot and a portrait?

Headshots have their own category, within the portrait genre, focusing exclusively on the face and do not include arms or hands. The photo is framed from the chest & shoulders up to the top of the head with all attention and focus on your expression.

The parent term "portrait" refers to an image that depicts a person and may show any part of the body. Portraits can encompass the full length of your person, or anything in-between.

Portraits might include more about you and your story by including aspects of your interests and your surroundings.

Not too long ago, a photo of a foot won an international self-portrait competition!

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Chef : Portrait
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Portrait of Harley Street hypnotherapist: Hristo
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Monthly mini-sessions
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