Personal Branding

It may be the latest buzzword among entrepreneurs but if your business lives online, honing your "personal brand" image is key to success.

A beautiful image library is your strongest asset
for all the vehicles your online business requires to thrive.

What is personal brand photography?

Consistently sharing your message with your audience leads to trust and credibility. Supporting your content with imagery will help your audience identify your message and associate it with you. To do this, you need more than just a headshot. You will need a bank of carefully crafted on-brand images bespoke to you and your audience.

The term personal brand photography refers to a collection of images that help you express yourself as a brand by showing facets of your personality, skills and interests, as well as showing what you have to offer.

It’s about taking control of the visual communication of yourself as a professional and private individual.

At whatever stage you are at in your business, I am sure you will be aware of the importance of building familiarity and rapport with your potential clients. We want people to recognise us and trust that we are the right person for the job.

The hard task is producing the right content and enough of it so that your audience are regularly reminded of your existence and well informed of your skills.

Without the right images, that content is often passed over.

There are great images online from stock photography sights that will help with this, but they don't always match your brand and of course, none of those people is you.

Your branding photoshoot is designed to fit your own specific brand's needs.

Everything from location & lighting to wardrobe selection will be arranged to suit your unique personality and business audience.

I will guide you every step of the way.


  • Professional Headshots
  • Corporate Headshots & Portraits
  • Professional Corporate Business Headshots & Portraits are a must for virtually everyone nowadays and a good start to presenting your professional self as a brand.
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  • Chef : Portrait
  • Personal Branding Mini-sessions
  • Short personal branding photo mini-sessions happen once a month at a certain location to give you a few professional headhots, business portraits and lifestyles photos.
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  • Personal Brand Photo Library
  • Create unique content with your very own, bespoke on-brand lifestyle image library. Get away from generic stock with professional images tailored to you & your clients.
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  • Monthly mini-sessions
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