Personal Branding Session - Ryan Cowan - Photographer

Build Your Business Persona with a Professional Branding Photoshoot

Personal Branding

Whether you´re a sole-trader or part of a large team, your persona & overall image is an important element in any successful business.

How convenient would it be if you’d have a library of images available anytime you wish to share a story with your audience?

Having a stock of Image content that depicts your personality, your expertise and lifestyle helps support your overall story, making you easily relatable and more recognizable too.

It´s a good idea to have a strategy in place with an understanding of how & where your images will be used so that we know exactly what kind of image content to create during our shoot.

Together we will discuss your intention, style choice and desired tone before choosing an appropriate setting/location that will best suit yourself and your brand idea.

Locations may include your own business, home, an Airbnb home, a coffee shop, a hotel, city street, local park or studio.

The Artist at Work

During this session, we will achieve the same high standard of headshot images as in the other sessions but with the inclusion of portraits, building further on a range of different images to complement your personal brand.

We are aiming to achieve a variety of looks and styles for your personal branding portfolio, so you are encouraged to experiment with outfits, expressions, and styles.


The Process

As with the headshot session, we will shoot a series of images, allowing you to get comfortable with my commands and directions, stopping to examine the results, see what is working and then continuing to improve on those.

Once we have a good set of images for a look/style we will have time to fix hair and makeup, change into any different tops you have brought along and then photograph another look/style. The look or style change may include altering the backdrops or location.

Together, we will select the best images for your personal branding portfolio. In addition to the 5 images included in this package, you´ll be able to select more at £15 per image.

  • Personal Branding Portfolio
  • ₤390
  • Both Headshots & Portraits
  • 5 Fully Retouched Digital Images
  • Coaching & Direction
  • Unlimited backdrop changes
  • Outdoor background
  • As many clothing changes as time allows
  • Approx 3hr session
  • Online Proofing Gallery

What should I do with my hair?

Professional Hair & Make-up (Optional)

Makeup artistry and hairstyling are highly recommended for you to get the best results out of this session.

The make-up artist is a freelancing professional with their own business calendar and pricing. 

We will discuss your needs with the makeup artist together before the session.

I have plenty of advice for you to consider in preparation for your photography session so please feel welcome to discuss any of your ideas.

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