Photographing Kingerlee

Kingerlee Ltd has been going for over 150 years!

Kingerlee was established in 1868 by Thomas Henry Kingerlee who was a plumber living in Banbury and since then the family business has grown, providing high-quality building in around Oxfordshire for five generations now. 

As a commercial photographer, I get to work with a very wide variety of industries,  building a long-standing relationship with those companies along the way. One such company I have had this rapport with for many years is Kingerlee Ltd, photographing everything from their headshots, team portraits and processes in action to their immense constructions and project details.  

When Kingerlee reached the incredible milestone of being in business for 150 years, I was given a day to photograph a few of the older buildings that the firm had built in Oxford during their long history.

It was quite fascinating for me as I had seen these buildings so many times over the years and even worked in some of them as a young retail assistant.

Some of the oldest Oxford buildings, built by Kingerlee.


Grand Designs

Some of the more recent constructions that I have photographed for Kingerlee have been celebrated publicly on television shows like Grand Designs and won several RIBA awards along the way, whilst other buildings are discreet and kept well out of the limelight.

I get excited about Kingerlee´s projects because they vary so widely in design and scale. Some are grand, modern, contemporary buildings. Some are enormous industrial constructions while many others are delicate period renovations.

I have been able to visit these constructions year after year through their progression too, seeing some develop from as little as a very muddy field into the most stunning spaces and architectural masterpieces.

Construction Photo of Bricklayer
Interiors and exterior architecture images by Oxford Commercial Photographer.

Kingerlee Joinery Department.

One of the areas I enjoy photographing most for Kingerlee is their Joinery Department and their incredible workmanship.

Whether it is the massive library in a university building or a stunning staircase for a millionaire mansion, a kitchen and doorways for a beautiful countryside home, there always seems to be an incredible amount of bespoke joinery and woodwork involved that the Kingerlee Joinery Department can handle. They have a busy team of joiners taking great pride in their work.

Interiors and exterior architecture images by Oxford Commercial Photographer.
Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Working with Kingerlee Ltd over the years has been a real joy, building a rapport with the family, directors and teams along the way. 

 If you would like to discuss your own company´s marketing photography projects with me, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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