Virtual Events

Although the marketplace for public speakers, coaches and trainers has dramatically altered since the pandemic took hold, the channels with which we promote our online presence haven’t.

Public speakers, mentors and instructors have found ways to shift their programs online and so too, their marketing images ought to look a lot more like this new online experience.

Including these new experiences alongside the live, in-person events in your image content will help you illustrate your ever-adapting service & experience as it fits in with the current work environment.

Untitled photo
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We're adapting!

For the time being, we have stopped zooming up and down the motorway to meet and started "Zooming" online. 

People who would normally avoid digital conversations are becoming quite adept at using a broad variety of online communication platforms like, Zoom, Crowdcast, Go-meeting and Facebook Live, just to name a few.

I'm certain that these newly acquired skills will become a permanent part of our communications forevermore.

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Untitled photo

I have been working with individual trainers to capture stylish images of their online events and webinars so that they can add these new images to their brand photography portfolios, using them to keep their posts relevant and promote future events.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
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  • Untitled photo
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I hope that you have found this somewhat inspiring.

If you´re interested in having your event photographed or adding virtual event portraits to your current brand photography, please get in touch by email or by touching the button below to arrange a time to discuss it together.

Virtual Event Portraits
£ 100 in May
usually £ 200
  • 50% off in FEB Covid19 Recovery Discount
  • 10 Images included
  • £10/Additional image
  • 60min Air Time
  • 1 x Coaching & Direction Session
  • Virtual Event Cover & 1:1 Virtual Event Shoot
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